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ϸ ɾ Ŭ ũ

Daily Care Clean Mask

ϸ ɾ Ŭ ũ


Non-woven layers and Shingle pleat design

[How to use] 

 1. Bend the nose fitter on the top of the mask to fit your face.

    (The side with the earloop attached is the mouthside.)

    带 Ϳ ɾ ġ ŵϴ.

2. Put it on your face and wear with the earloop.

     븦 ȰϿ ũ ȸ鿡 ǵ մϴ. 

3. Unfold the folded part up and down and wrap it up to the chin.
Ϸ α ε ݴϴ.

[Cautions for use]

[Name] ϸ ɾ Ŭ ũ / Daily Care Clean Mask

[Material] Triple Non-Woven Fabric, Earring (nylon/spandex), Nose fitter (Polyethylene coated wire)
[Valid period] 36 months from the date of manufacture
[Storage method] Store at room temperature
[Color] white [Applicable object] adult

[Quantity] 50
[Size] 95 x 175 mm

[Precautions for use]
- Do not wear over it since to wrap the respiratory tract with a towel, tissue, etc.
- Do not use the product with any modifications.
- Do not use if the inside of the mask is contaminated.
- Do not use it for any purpose other than product use.
- Do not wash the mask.