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제목 Nitrile Soft Examination gloves
작성자 drsmart7
작성일자 2020-08-07






Dr.Smart Nitrile Soft Examination gloves
*Non-Sterile Exam Gloves

- Great Durability 뛰어난 내구성
- Fits either hand 양손에 적합
- Powder-free 파우더 프리
- Non-Sterile Exam Gloves 비멸균 시험 장갑
- Single use only 일회용

[수량] 100GLOVES 

[Functional Benefits]
▶ Protection from unwanted and dangerous substances.
▶ Beaded cuff ensures easy donning and prevent roll down.
▶ Superior strength with better puncture resistance.
▶ Full textured or Finger Tip textured enhances wet and dry grip.
▶ Thinner gauge improves tactile sensitivity.
▶ Custom design enhances comfort and fit.
▶ Provide an alternative solution for individuals who are allergic to natural rubber latex.

Nitrile gloves fit and feel good.  It can be used for a variety of purposes. Nitrile gloves provide excellent protection against infection and resistance to chemicals.  Nitrile test gloves keep them clean when cooking.  Especially suitable for greasy foods. Nitrile gloves can be worn by people with allergies without problems.




[Product Specifications]
Material : Synthetic Nitrile latex.  합성 니트릴 라텍스
Type : Non-Sterile Powder-Free. 비 멸균 무 분말
Ambidextrous : Finger Tip Textured; Beaded Cuff; White or Color(Blue, Light Blue)
양손 잡이, 손끝 질감 : 파란색 커프; 흰색 또는 컬러 (파란색, 하늘색)

1. Store in a dry, cool place. 건조하고 서늘한 곳에 보관하십시오.
2. Avoid direct sunlight, fluorescent lighting. 직사광선, 형광등을 피하십시오.
3. Avoid storage to heat and moisture. 열과 습기에 보관하지 마십시오.
4. Do not store above 104℉ (40℃). 104 ℉ (40 ℃) 이상에서 보관하지 마십시오.





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