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We will reward you with a quality products that considers people, the environment and health.


We provide safety and protection solutions with disposable gloves that are essential for most industrial and medical applications.
In order to provide the best customer satisfaction, we always strive to maintain the quality consistency of our gloves.
We offer the best quality at the most competitive price. Providing better quality products to our customers is one of our goals.


Dr.Smart Nitrile Soft Examination gloves

Nitrile Gloves product
Nitrile Gloves effect

*Non-Sterile Exam Gloves

* Great Durability / * Fits either hand / * Powder-free / * Non-Sterile Exam Gloves / * Single use only

Nitrile gloves fit and feel good. It can be used for a variety of purposes.
Nitrile gloves provide excellent protection against infection and resistance to chemicals.
Nitrile test gloves keep them clean when cooking. Especially suitable for greasy foods.
Nitrile gloves can be worn by people with allergies without problems.

Nitrile Gloves product

Nitrile Gloves product


• Superior tensile strength for extraordinary resiliency
• Superior puncture & tear resistance properties
• Protection from unwanted & dangerous substances
• Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit. Fit more comfortably, reduced hand fatigue & respiration
• Beaded cuff makes easy donning and guards against tearing
• Smooth gloves donning surface provides a more natural feel
• Powder free to eliminate powder – induced irritation & dermatitis to user
• Low level of extractable protein & chemical residue, hence lower incidence of allergic reactions
• Under GMP practice
• Manufactured from 100% nitrile (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene)

Nitrile Gloves specifics

Nitrile Gloves packaging
Nitrile Gloves packaging

Nitrile Gloves packaging