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mask product

[Pure Max 3D Mask]

3D mask

[Daily Care Clean Mask]

Daily Care Clean mask

[SAFETY CARE Clean Mask]


[KN95 Breathing-easy 3D Mask]

KN95 Breathing-easy 3D Mask

Non-woven layers and shingle pleat design prevent fluid pooling and cross contamination. Soft and strong, ample-length
earloops so there is less pulling, and adjustable nosepiece for comfortable fit.

daily mask


[How to use]
1. Bend the nose fitter on the top of the mask to fit your face. (The side with the earloop attached is the mouthside.) 
2. Put it on your face and wear with the earloop. 
3. Unfold the folded part up and down and wrap it up to the chin.


[Precautions for use]
- Do not wear over it since to wrap the respiratory tract with a towel, tissue, etc.
- Do not use the product with any modifications.
- Do not use if the inside of the mask is contaminated.
- Do not use it for any purpose other than product use.
- Do not wash the mask.

daily mask